Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The day after Boxing Day

For years now it has been traditional in my family to have two big celebrations at Christmas. One on Christmas day and another, with more family members, on Boxing Day. Andrew and I usually miss out on the second one as we have a Boxing Day celebration with Andrew's family but this year we stayed at Mum and Dad's, with all my siblings and their children, and enjoyed the big, extended family, Boxing Day event.

Actually, seeing as Christmas fell on a Friday, we decided to give ourselves a break in between celebrations and had Boxing Day to relax, cook and play with all our new toys. That meant that Sunday was more relaxed even though there were thirty or so people there - aunts, uncles, Granny and cousins.

Phil and Kristin brought the most fabulous piñata. I do wish I had taken my time over the photo - nice background Amy ;)

From the youngest up, all the children and a few adults had a go at the very strong piñata. Toby gave it a good whack and managed to remove a leg but was not able to deal a fatal blow.

Bethany, in her fairy gear, gave it her best.

Jossie also gave it her all.

Even Granny had a go. All the adults took photos.

In the end it took Tim to make the reindeer spill his sweet load.

The kids pounced and asked for lollies every five minutes until we came home.

Lollies have no hold over me at all. Cake on the other hand..... I made this Malakoff Torte after seeing it at Not Quite Nigella.

It was quite delicious and I will definitely make it again. I love Tiramisu but so many people don't like the coffee in it so this is a delightful, non-coffee option - I love them both!

On Monday morning we said good-bye to Phil, Kristin and C and, in the hope of giving Mum and Dad a little bit of space after the chaos, we went out with Tim, Shona and the pumpkin. We bought chocolate at Adora (they sadly melted into a delicious puddle on the way home today) and then had lunch at Harrigan's next to the Hunter Valley Gardens. I had a lovely vegetable curry. Tim, Shona and the pumpkin then went home and we returned to Mum and Dad's for one more day in the Hunter.

Without all the people there was plenty of time to play with (read torment) the animals.

Sit here drinking almond tea, doing the crossword with Granny.

Swim - Bethany is such a water baby.

And lots of cricket playing - great job on the pitch Dad.

Today, we drove all the way home, stopping in Wahroonga for a present exchange with Sue and Ron. The drive went well, Milo was happy to see us and I am enjoying the wireless Internet access. Now to the wedding.... it's on Saturday!


  1. Stopping by to wish you a Happy and Healthy New Year!

  2. I love having a go at pinatas-I mean what better than a game that rewards one with lollies? OK one that rains cake! So glad that you liked the Malakoff torte, it looks fantastic. Happy New Year! :D

  3. I swear, I only tapped the Pinata. I can't help it that I am an axe!

  4. It was so lovely to have all the cousins together - Charlotte was so excited about the prospect and I think she was completely satisfied with the result! Hope the wedding has gone smoothly - we were thinking of you all as we drove "past" Wagga earlier today.

  5. I'm so glad you all enjoyed Christmas. It's a lot of work for us but we are rewarded a million times over. Thanks for making the effort and your we appreciated your support. Glad you're safely home and life returns to "normal"!

    Love Dad