Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Martinis in the Afternoon

I love it when the busyness of the season comes from a glut of opportunities to spend time with friends. The other weekend, after church, we brought Jacob home and his mum, Narelle, took Jossie. Our two families match almost perfectly. We go to the same church, our children attend the same school. They have a daughter named Bethany who is in Jossie's year, a son in Toby's year and a daughter starting school with Bethany next year. The only point of difference is that they got a bit over enthusiastic and had another child in between Toby and Bethany :)

Having the children occupied with their friends means a quiet afternoon for parents, always a good thing, but on this particular Sunday afternoon Ross and Karen popped over, bringing martinis.

Martinis taste like perfume.

Here is Ross, showing proper reverence to Andrew's Celtic shirt.

Toby and Jacob in their football shirts - Toby is not the only soccer fan at school, but the only fan of a Scottish football team. Not having grown up in Victoria I have no idea who Jacob supports but, I ask you, brown and orange....what were they thinking?

Narelle and the rest of the kids brought Jossie back and all the kids, including Ross and Karen's two, had lots of fun, playing games all over the house. Bethany, Hannah and Jordan played Giggle Wiggle. A very civilised afternoon for all.


  1. Do you think Perfume taste is a good thing, as in "tastes like perfume smells," of do you mean that it tastes like perfume really tastes?

    It does look like a good time was had by all. I have to say that the Celtic jersey is certainly a lot prettier than the AFL one!

  2. Tim, I think they taste like perfume really tastes. I still liked them, though I would go for something fruity or creamy by choice.