Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Late with the first and early with the second. I forgot that once here I wouldn’t have much time or Internet access to post – no wireless. So, to take up where I left off, as a mother of young (ish) children the idea of a six and a half hour train trip by myself was really quite appealing. I didn’t think about the fact that those particular hours were ones that I would usually be asleep. It turns out that sleeping without a pillow in a long room full of people isn’t very easy. The man next to me and one across the aisle were snorers. I did manage to doze, curled up in a ball in my seat but was pleased when the lights went on at 5.30.

We arrived at Central Station at 7.30 and after making certain that my luggage was taken care of, I caught a train into the city where I walked, shopped and had a delightfully smooth coffee with some yoghurt and berries at the QVB. Back to Central again to catch another train to Singleton, this time not trying to sleep but reading and watching the city and then countryside go by. I finished Truman Capote’s In Cold Blood (great to read as I loved his biography and everything else he wrote) and began Kate Morton’s The Forgotten Garden but I was frequently distracted by the scenery. As you leave Central and snake through the inner city suburbs, the houses are so fascinating, some ramshackle or derelict, others elegantly from another time, others still an ugly reminder of the 70s. When you get close to the Central Coast the train travels so close to the river where the hills are reflected in the smooth, glassy patches of the otherwise rippled water. We passed through towns I had never heard of, let alone visited and finally arrived in Singleton.

It was lovely to see Andrew and the kids after a few days without them and delightful to be at Tahlee with Mum, Dad and Granny. I had a nap and then Phil, Kristin and Charlotte arrived after the very long trip up from Melbourne. We were a full house with children sleeping on camp beds all over the house but it was so much fun.

The ‘magic’ of Christmas is different when little children are around. Despite the early rising of my children we managed to hold off on present opening until 8am and even then only opened Santa presents and one other. Everything else was opened when Tim, Shona and the pumpkin arrived around 1.30. More presents were followed by a fabulous lunch.

Mmmm, my cousins thongs are so delicious and way more interesting than my presents.

Andrew and I love watching our children spend time with extended family and they have enjoyed it so much. The presents went down really well too. I was thrilled with the cake plates to match the cup and saucer I received last year (another cup and saucer and I’ll be all set ;)) as well as Belinda Jeffery’s Mix and Bake and a subscription to Delicious, among other things.

Everyone fell into bed early after such a big day, thankfully we had a few more days of fun to come……


  1. Hi Amy, nice to read up on our Christmas time. Glad to hear you all had such a lovely time with family. See you back in Wagga :)

  2. Ooh I jadore your cake plates! I love the Wedgwood Harlequin range-even the boxes are purty! Looks like you had a gorgeous Christmas :D

  3. Happy Christmas Heaps! Look forward to seeing you in the New Year. Love the Halbos.

  4. So glad you got Belinda's book. I made the black bottom cupcakes (again) today. mmm might have one now. Happy new year!
    K xx