Sunday, December 20, 2009

Last minute Licorice Factory

I waved goodbye to my family early this morning as they drove off to their first holiday destination. I am still working until Wednesday afternoon so am home alone. Andrew and the children drove to Sydney, picked up Sare and continued on to Sare and Ty's new house in Gloucester. I will stay here until 12.31am on Thursday when I will catch a train, first to Sydney and then to Singleton. I can't wait!

Because I can't carry vast amounts of luggage on the train we had to make sure all our Christmas shopping was done before Andrew left so that everything could go up in the car. I work pretty well to a deadline so yesterday we found ourselves with only two more things to get. The thought of Wagga's shopping centres the Saturday before Christmas was most unappealing so we decided to head to the Junee Licorice Factory for the brilliant gift shop upstairs.

The children had juice and a melting moment in the cafe when the shopping became unbearably boring for them. Toby was desperate to try some chocolate covered ginger and I was most surprised when he really liked it. Watch out Dad, you'll have to hide yours when we come up. Bethany had the expected reaction.

We finished the shopping, wrapping and packing so Andrew and the kids drove off first thing this morning but my day has not been solitary. The Scotts drove me to church (I was going to ride but the temperature was heading for 35 and my fair complexion just can't cope with that in the middle of the day) and I had a celebratory lunch at the McMillans' - happy birthday Caitlin. Mim dropped me home and I briefed Jen and Leanne on how to take care of Milo. Mim came back after her jobs and we spent a lovely couple of hours chatting. I'm going to miss her so much...... I work a ten hour day tomorrow but at least I only have to make one lunch in the morning!


  1. Hi Amy,
    I found your blog by taking a link from the Underwood's blog. Just wanted to say that we love the Chocolate Factory too. It's an hour door to door from our place and I think that's the perfect distance on a day off.
    Happy Christmas.
    Susan Ravenhall.

  2. Oooh Kristy gave me a gorgeous packet of chocolate coated ginger from here and it was so good!

  3. Happy to share, hope you bought plenty!

    Can't wait to see you all

    Love Dad