Monday, December 7, 2009

Mim's High Tea

There does not appear to be anywhere in Wagga that does high tea. Several years ago my sister-in-law, Shona, had a high tea as a pre-wedding event and I was very sorry to miss it. As the only local one out of Mim's four matrons of honour, the task of organising a shower fell to me and ,with a couple of ladies from church, decided to do our own high tea.

This is, of course, the party season and people are very busy. To make it easy on ourselves everyone was asked to bring either sandwiches, scones or cake. Sara has a lovely house for entertaining, and is lovely in general, so we pooled our pretty tea things and each made only one recipe. Actually, Sara made two (a fruit cake and chicken and walnut sandwiches, but she can't help herself :)

The day was bright and sunny and so were people's moods. What a delightful thing to do. Everyone made a favourite recipe and placed it on the groaning table. Donna's fudge was, by all accounts, delicious as well as pretty.

There was so much to choose from. I made the lemon meringue cupcakes piled high in the middle. I very nearly came to grief over the Italian meringue but I will share the recipe later because they were worth it.

Little Miriam also played ladies.

All the ladies sent, or brought, me a copy of their favourite recipe and bible verse and I am compiling them into a book for Mim. Isn't that a fabulous idea?

It was nice to use my tiered willow pattern plates.

Lots of Mim's friends came and wished her well for her marriage and new life away from us :( She is moving to Molong, has moved out already in fact, and so this was a great way for us to say good bye in a happy, tear-free way.

That's Mim, above, talking to Kylie and little Amy. Sadly, all my decent photos are of the food!

I had a dress fitting yesterday so it is all really going ahead. The wedding was four weeks from last Saturday. I am so looking forward to the celebration, to seeing Mim happy in love but I am going to miss her very much......


  1. It all looks so delicious! Shona's High Tea was wonderful, you have replicated it beautifully, and with so much love and care - Good Luck Mim!

  2. What a gorgeous afternoon! And no high tea in town? That's terrible! Although if that means gathering like this then that's good!

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