Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Dream Hair

Jossie is a very stylish ten year old. She loves all things girly; clothes, jewellery, nailpolish. When she and her friend Hannah get together they swap clothes, style themselves and seem to be permanently posing. Jossie has been growing her hair for a year or so but recently decided she wanted a concave bob.

Bethany is also a girly sort of girl and one who likes to do what her big sister does. So, we went to the hairdresser this afternoon.

Bethany brushed her hair and chatted non-stop while Joss was on the stool.

Jossie was hoping for a very stylised, steep angle from the back to the front but we went for a toned down option.

She is very pleased with it and so are we.

Bethany has been waiting all week for this and could barely contain her excitement. She told the hairdresser all about how she had been worried that cutting her hair would hurt but that I had assured her it wouldn't. That reminded me of a conversation we had the other day about giving blood. We drove past the big blood mobile parked outside the library and had a discussion about how people give blood and why. I told her that sometimes sick people need more blood and she started to tell me all about how they get the blood - not by drinking it...

Jossie read magazines in front of the mirror while it was Bethany's turn.

She enjoyed the blow drier as a novelty - my hair dries almost immediately so she never sees one at home :)

Neither of them can wait to show their friends. Bethany is certain she won't be recognised. The photo above is better of Bethany.

This one better of Joss. Don't they look grown up?


  1. They both look gorgeous!

  2. They both look gorgeous and such a chic haircut!

  3. A little late Amy, but their cuts are a little less radical than some that you had. Quite conservative really ... nad ... no colour!!

    They look great and can't wait to see them at Christmas.