Friday, December 4, 2009

4 Ingredients

I sent myself some of my work photos to my home computer so I can show you some of the things I have been banging on about. Sadly, the work camera is not great and I have no editing software on my work computer but I'll soldier on regardless.

This is a grainy shot of Rachel Bermingham, the author of many things including the 4 Ingredients books. She is also pregnant with twins, just like my sister-in-law! I'm so excited, congratulations Kristin and Phil! Her PA contacted us about an author talk and taste testing. Sadly, she wasn't flexible with times and most of the people who would have liked to come were at work.

We did get a nice crowd of retired ladies though:) And one man.

This is what a bag of mixed fruit, orange juice and flour look like when you mix them up and cook them.

She made this food the night before and brought it on the plane. The shortbread didn't survive the trip. It was a very interesting experience having her. The audience were most impressed and Book City, who brought her books along to sell, sold plenty of them. I also really love being called "Darl" ;)


  1. She's doing better than me if she was able to bake! I cooked myself some pancakes this morning (from a bottle) and that was hard enough.

  2. Oh darl! ;) Interesting post. I was skeptical about the 4 ingredients book but they look pretty good!