Monday, December 21, 2009

Andrew's Photos

I take my camera nearly everywhere I go. You never know when something will pop up that just must go on the blog. This time of year, of course, the camera could be virtually glued to my hand with all the concerts, and get-togethers that yield photo opportunities.

My photos are functional. You can see what a costume was like or how much fun kids were having but they aren't really good.

So, sometimes, I need to 'borrow' Andrew's photos. They are only tiny because I 'borrowed' them from Facebook. This is Bethany being a wombat at the daycare Christmas concert.

Toby doing a duet with his piano teacher. She only gave three awards out of lots and lots of kids.

All the girls from the martini afternoon, posing on the trampoline. I was busy taking photos of the martinis....

Bethany and a favourite friend from daycare, Bianca.


  1. These are gorgeous photos....

  2. Beautiful photos! They really look so happy in them and I love the group trampoline photo :)

  3. Wonderful photos and really cute children.