Friday, January 1, 2010

'Twas the night before the wedding

When I have something big on the horizon, uni marking, Christmas, a wedding, I often find myself completely ignoring everything else. I hadn't for example, given New Year's Eve a single thought. Admittedly, New Years Eve isn't a great highlight in my calendar. When Mum and Dad lived in Waverton we used to climb onto their roof and watch all the Sydney fireworks on the harbour but Wagga isn't quite as exciting.... Still, we were thrilled to get a last minute invitation to spend the evening with friends and had such a good time. The children swam to their hearts' content and were up way past their bedtime. I thought Bethany might have a nap in this hammock but no such luck.

Catherine made a delicious lemon and blueberry tart and a pavlova, or pavalova as Bethany called it.

Toby was up at the normal time but Bethany slept almost until 10am! We used Mim's last day as a single woman to get everyone's outfits organised and then we had the rehearsal. I gave my camera to Jossie with mixed results.

There is another 'matron' behind me and a few more men on the right. There will be no shorts tomorrow. For the record, my personal cut off for the wearing of shorts is thirty but I don't judge those who have different standards ;)

I do hope the photographer manages to capture me this well.

I particularly like this arty shot. Not long to go now..... I don't know what sort of opportunity for photography I'll have tomorrow but will try to post decent wedding photos soon. I had better get my beauty sleep.


  1. I'll be thinking of you (and Mim) on this exciting day tomorrow!
    I'm sure it will be a breeze & a hoot.
    Just remember, as long as you hear the right magic words (In the Anglican circles it is "I will", but I will accept "I Do") the rest is just details!

  2. Mmmmm pavlova. I can't wait to see pics of you in your dress!

  3. Good job with the photos Jossie! Thinking about you and Mim and Bill today - hope it all goes well.