Friday, January 15, 2010

Birthday boy

January isn't the best month to have a birthday. People feel like they have had enough celebrating and lots of people are still away on holidays. Thankfully, Toby's birthday did fall on the day I don't work so we could have a lovely day at home. We began with presents on Mum and Dad's bed. I avoid photos at this stage due to the fact that the adults with sleepy faces and bedhead don't like the image captured. Toby was thrilled with all his presents and was set for amusement for the whole day.

I lit the candles and sparkler so Jossie manned the camera. A day or so earlier I asked Toby what sort of cake he'd like, reminding him that as a non-party year, the cake would need to be one that tastes good rather than looks like a superhero. He chose brownies. A perfect match for his dinner of choice, lasagne.

We bought him a new bike; a Giant like mine. It is just the tiniest bit too big so should last him a good, long while.

Within minutes he was confidently hooning up and down the street. He is so grown up, going into year three, and a funny, smart and sweet boy.

I made French toast and bacon for a birthday breakfast but did not partake myself. I have been wanting to make all the healthy tea breads in Belinda Jeffery's Mix and Bake as a healthy treat to keep me going at home or at work. Last week I made a sticky banana, date and walnut loaf that is in every way, delicious. It is made with spelt flour and fructose but is decadently moist, sweet and crunchy. To follow up on that success, yesterday I made the spicy pumpkin, walnut and currant tea bread, made with grated raw pumpkin.

I don't like it quite as much as the other one but it is still delicious....and nutritious.

But I did eat a brownie with Toby.


  1. Happy Birthday, Toby! We were sorry we missed you when we called but hope you had a wonderful day! Will try and catch you on skype sometime over the weekend. Lots of love, Kristin, Phil, Charlotte and ?? and ??

  2. Wait until you have grandkids. Birthdays are a whole different thing. My daughter had a birthday on Dec. 26th which made it hard to have parties.

  3. Happy Birthday to Toby! What a wise choice brownies :D I think the absolute worst time to have a birthday would have to be Christmas Day. Every 7 years I have to share my birthday with Mother's Day which is fine but to have it every year would be quite a chore perhaps :)

  4. I forgot Toby's birthday....oh dear :-( Happy 8th Birthday Toby. Hope you had a fun day and are enjoying your new bike. It looks very cool!

  5. Happy birthday to Toby! I rather like the look of your tea bread, even if you thought it was not as good as the loaf from the week before. Thanks for dropping by my blog.