Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Nobody likes failure. Last year, not wanting to choose and fail yet again to lose weight and get fit, I resolved to drink more coffee at work. I started off well and managed to keep it up all year, thank-you very much. Luckily, Mim and Bill got engaged and Mim asked me to be in the bridal party. The fear of being that one unfortunate girl who looks terrible in her dress was enough to see me finally get moving and slim down.

I considered going for another fun option like resolving to eat more dark chocolate but I'm going to feel the fear of failure and press on regardless. My resolutions, therefore are....

I resolve to be roughly the same weight this time next year.

I resolve to spend more time cooking with the kids, actually letting Joss particularly learn how to cook rather than just do a bit of pouring and mixing.

I resolve to have more people over for meals - fill the hole where Mim was.

I resolve to be a good long distance friend to Mim.

Finally, I resolve to enjoy my family more. Let the fun begin..... (Don't waste time searching for relevance with the photos, they're random :)


  1. I've been losing weight, mostly by exercising but it is such a lot of work I've resolved to never put it back on again. I wish I didn't enjoy eating so much.

  2. Resolutions are meant to be broken - well, mine anyway! Good luck with yours! They're all achievable ones too, and you look fabulous that little bit slimmer (not that you were ever fat). At my age, I don't make resolutions anymore, just try to live each day as it comes, and get the most out of it.

  3. Best of luck with those resolutions! They're all very admirable and I hope you go well with them :D