Thursday, January 21, 2010

Growing up

Toby lost his bottom front teeth ages ago. We were beginning to think that they'd be the only baby teeth he was going to lose, but now his mouth is full of missing and wobbly teeth. His top front teeth are really wobbly and have been for quite some time. I offered him fifty dollars this morning to pull them out but no dice (I confess that I was fairly confident that he would reject my offer).

Bethany is now attending vacation care at school with Joss and Toby and she is loving being one of the big kids. There are only seven sleeps until she starts school which, as she points out, isn't many. This afternoon I'll buy her a uniform.

It might be the headband but she reminds me of Olivia Newton John's Physical film clip here.

Milo is also growing up and, thankfully, his wool is growing back after the disastrous clipping he had last year.

Poor thing, I asked him to shake hands then I just took a photo.


  1. They grow so quickly!

    Bethy will be wondering which Uni course to do before you know it!

  2. Hehe my parents used to attach my loose teeth to a string and attach the string to a door and slam it. God it hurt! And the teeth they did that to grew back crooked.

  3. PS I can laugh about it now and use that example when we need a "when parents go wrong" example :P

    I'm sure you'd never do that though!

  4. I love seeing kids when they first lose their teeth-so cute.

  5. Lovely pics darling, it's hard to think that all three children will be at school!

  6. lol, that last caption & photo made me laugh! :)