Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Happy Australia Day

We're having a quiet day, inside in the cool. Andrew is up to his eyeballs in DIY, Jossie and Bethany have been baking.

Anzac Bikkies, of course.

Bethany and Toby had patriotic ink done at OOSH yesterday.

Oi Oi Oi!


  1. I'm watching the Tennis Open from Australia this morning on TV and the Australians in the crowd are shouting, "Oie, Oie, Oie"

  2. Happy Australia Day! :D We had a great one at a friend's BBQ. Cheezels, BBQ, lamington, pavlova, vanilla slice and slip and slide. We had a ball :D

  3. We were to play boules, but it was 40 degrees! so cancelled, came home, turned on the air and the TV and watched the tennis - pretty Australian eh? (apart from the boules!)

  4. Happy Australia Day! I ate lamb and pavlova (pavalova for Bethany) for dinner which was very patriotic. Just think, 222 years ago Captain Cook planted his flag and I was born 189 years later :-)