Sunday, January 3, 2010

Wedding Belles

It's all over. I can't believe that is is finished and that Mim has gone and won't be coming back. Her new home is four hours away and I put off thinking about that throughout the whole engagement. Today it has hit me and I am very sad. I will really miss this smiley face.

The wedding was beautiful, a really joyous ceremony. The wait was not only worth it but really heightened the excitement. Mim and Bill were supremely excited. Mim had overseen every detail for months and then, just when her matrons of honour were getting into their dresses she had a few photos taken and got straight into the car - a full fifteen minutes before we could leave! She had just had enough waiting.

Bill chose The Proclaimers' I Would Walk 500 Miles as the recessional and we came out of the stiflingly hot church into a welcome breeze - no concern to women with a whole can of hairspray keeping their hair under control, yes, even mine. Jossie and Bethany were very excited to see Mim dressed as a princess and Bethany was very keen on my flowers. She also thought it was funny that I walked out of the church on the arm of another man. She thought it looked as though we were getting married.

The dresses were comfortable once we got out of the church. I wonder when I'll have occasion to wear it again.

The official photos were taken in the Victory Memorial Gardens which are just over the road from the library. It didn't seem as though very many photos were taken but that was alright by the matrons as we were getting a little peckish and our shoes were beginning to hurt.

The reception was lovely. Almost two hundred guests were celebrating in the cool of the evening at the Riverine Club. I was very nervous when I had to give my speech but got through it OK. There were tears later when I said goodbye. The cake looked spectacular thanks to Lyn, who iced it, and Mim's aunt who put the roses on and everyone I offered it to took a piece.

I would wonder what to do with myself now if I weren't going back to work tomorrow and expecting 25 assignments to mark.....


  1. You look fabulous darling... that colour suits you! and I LOVE the dress you got Jossie! Mim looks fabulous too, but I can't really make out Bill too well... will have to wait for more photos I guess. So pleased it all went off so well! and your cake..... fantastic!

  2. Looks like a wonderful day! So excited for Mim and Bill. You look gorgeous and I can't wait to see more detailed pics of Mim's dress - it looks stunning. LOVE the cake - very elegant.

  3. Well done! all those months without cake and you look fabulous. Now I can bring the ricotta cake to work (if only we hadn't eaten it in a moment of weakness).

  4. Worth the slimming sacrifice! You all look terrific. Bill remains a mystery, is there a pic of the happy couple?

    Love Dad

  5. You look great! The dresses are really nice too :) Gorgeous wedding!

  6. How pretty! I love the color of the dresses, too!

  7. This is the first time i have seen your blog since the wedding. You looked so lovely....and i cried.