Saturday, January 9, 2010

Beginning as we mean to go on

Jossie and Bethany were given bags full of cooking paraphernalia for Christmas and have been itching to get into the kitchen. I am full of enthusiasm for my resolutions, willing to stand back and let them cook.

Bethany donned her Fifi apron, she has enough aprons for this to be a big decision, and opted for yoghurt and berry muffins.

The first challenge for both of us was the egg cracking, something I would normally do myself.

After giving it a serious bashing, Bethany shook the insides out of a small hole and I picked out all the shell. I did the second one myself but only as a teaching exercise of course.

In her magical Christmas cooking bag Bethany had some colourful chocolate chips which she thought would be perfect in this.

The best bit! I was easily able to let her do this alone as I don't love muffins, being more of a cupcake person.

So proud.

With Bethany my presence is still very much required but I am hoping to see Jossie become self sufficient in the kitchen this year. She wanted to make chocolate chip bikkies so I gave her Nigella's chocolate mint biscuit recipe and told her how to make them blond and not minty. I had to advise her about a few things but essentially, she did it all herself. Next week she will make her first meal and we a starting with the basics - bolognese.


  1. I'm so pround of your Joss & Beth!

    You might be able to buy yum things for cheap, but there is something special that happens when you make something yourself, especially if you make it from scratch!

    Amy, I hope you succeed in convincing Joss to put a little bit of extra vegetable matter in the Spag Bol. Gotta love a meal where you can't taste the things that are good for you!

  2. What fabulous little talents! They need their own TV show methinks! :D

  3. Just how everyone should learn to cook and appreciate good food, prepared with love. Good on you! and Jossie and Bethany.

  4. Is Toby not interested?

  5. Maybe we can do some more road testing with the kids. I'm glad that you made the distinction between muffins and cupcakes - some people don't and it drives me to distraction.

  6. Oh Kristy! Muffins are so unlike cupcakes! I always correct my kids when they call the cupcake in their lunchbox a muffin. Never serve a cold or old muffin.