Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Wedding photos

Mim and Bill hadn't seen their professional photos when they stayed with us on Sunday night, but they did have the photos that Hugh took on Mim's camera. It was a fabulous idea, Hugh borrowed Mim's camera and took candid photos throughout the wedding, giving the camera back at the end of the day. Mim and Bill got to see them on their honeymoon and, when showing them to us, Mim imported them into my iPhoto (Macs are the best). I know there are people who would love to see more of the wedding so here is a selection, admittedly a bit my-family-centric. Click on the photos to make them bigger.

The very large church was packed, and very warm, so lots of boisterous boys stayed outside until the bride arrived.

There is Jossie in the blue, marvelling at Princess Mim and her green ladies.

Everyone's special day.

The bride and her father, just about to go in. They practically ran down the aisle :)

Once the ceremony was over the princess could be approached.

I love how the girls are interested in the wedding, the people and posing for photos but boys just want to play.

Mim and Bill each gave a lovely speech.

With the odd amusing moment :)

Tomorrow is Bethany's very first day of school and she is so excited!


  1. Lovely photos, speaking of which, looking forward to seeing some of Bethany on her first day - it takes me back to yours - doesn't seem so long ago either!

  2. Hehe isn't it funny how girls are really interested in the wedding itself but boys less so. We noticed that it happened with adult boys too! :D