Tuesday, October 9, 2012

The land of the little people

I'm having a wonderful time with the big and little people at Tim and Shona's house. They are doing so well with four under four! We have been out to coffee with the twins and they slept through the whole thing.

Pumpkin and Gumnut have been at pre-school so the days have been quiet, though busy with two five week old babies.

The twins are very beautiful and tiny.  The older two are also gorgeous and great talkers!

Gumnut is very proud of his polish.

They are both proud of the twins.

Tomorrow is Tim's day off and everyone will be home. Family day! Such a lovely family they are, too, though I miss Andrew and my 'babies'.


  1. Lovely photos darling, but what has happened to Pumpkins knees? TWO bandaids! So sorry we couldn't come today, but look forward to seeing you all tomorrow. (Dad's out on the tractor now - will be most of the day)

  2. All done, ready for a "break"