Saturday, October 27, 2012


Hayfever, such a terrible thing! I really love living in the country. I can think of no reason why I would ever move back to a city, but the hayfever is very trying. The Children's Medial Research Institute markets have been going for 29 years in Wagga and are a great tradition. There are stall holders from all over, some even come down from Sydney to attend.

We went for the first time last year and found it very worthwhile, so I took flex leave yesterday and spent it at the race course with our cards. The weather is a bit odd, we were cold for most of the day and the wind blew in fierce gusts. We have been doing markets for long enough now that most of our props stand up pretty well and keep all our paper from blowing away, but the doors did fall on me once, and then on Liz, right at the end of the day.

The wind covered everything in a fine layer of dust and, given the symptoms I am still feeling, bucket loads of pollen. It was a good day, none the less. Today, after popping in first thing to set up, then spending three quarters of an hour trying to locate either of the two cars that parked me in, I came home again, leaving the stall to Liz and Megan. We're doing new house stuff today. One day, hopefully soon, we'll have real progress to report on that front!

In the mean time, here are some photos of our stall yesterday.

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