Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Sweet holidays

It's so good of Mum and Dad to come in the holidays to amuse the kids while we are at work. It is also great that this working week is shorter than usual, so we also get to spend time with them. They arrived on Sunday afternoon and we all got to sleep in on Monday (one of the joys of older children). I was up at least an hour before anyone else and I slept until 8!

We threw together a picnic and went to the Botanic Gardens to see some friends, up from Albury. The weather was delightful and we all had a lovely time chatting and eating.

Mmm, lamingtons.

Mum, Bethany and I took the dogs for a walk and enjoyed the last of the blossoms.

Andrew and I were back to work today but Mum, Dad and the kids had a great day down town, at least, the kids had a ball shopping and hot chocolating. I could certainly get used to someone doing my ironing and preparing my dinner while I'm at work!

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