Friday, October 19, 2012

It's over

I am so relieved to have finally finished marking. I shouldn't have taken on the extra five assignments, particularly as I would end up away for part of the marking period. I came home from Tim and Shona's and stayed up late every night until Wednesday. I dropped them off on Thursday morning and that's that for a long while.

So, to catch up. Bethany came to track racing on Wednesday evening and gathered a crowd. It's her DS they are looking at.

Someone else comes to see. Toby asked her if she saw him win one of his races and she had to confess that she hadn't.

It has gotten hot in the middle of the day so I am very thankful for this avenue of trees that shades me on my way home. Oh dear, summer is coming.

Tomorrow, I am really hoping for a sleep in! Sorry to those for whom sleeping in is a far away dream....


  1. Well then, I hope you're not awake yet! It's 8.30... Saturday morning.... Summer is certainly here for us, and drought too. Water, Water, Water, that's all I seem to do these days, at least you're green down in Wagga. We don't have a blade of grass, on the up-side, won't have to mow!

  2. You deserve a break, sleep in, put your feet up, and recharge the batteries. Love Dad