Monday, October 29, 2012

Drama on the dance floor

Toby and Bethany's school held a bush dance on Saturday night. Toby insisted that he didn't want to go, and Andrew and I weren't exactly thrilled with the prospect, but Bethany was desperate to be there! She had been practising hard with her class and wanted to use her new skills. On Saturday morning she showed me three of the dances she had practised and I had to inform her that they weren't bush dances at all! The Hokey Pokey, the chicken dance and the Macarena!

Thankfully, we were spared the chicken dance and the Macarena (they may have been played before we arrived). After protesting that he did not want to go, Toby had a great time dancing. Here he is, dancing a very complicated dance with Shep and Nelly. He looked serious the whole time, I think he was concentrating on his next move, but I could tell he was loving it.

After we had dinner and before Andrew and I managed to get up and dance, a lady who has had children in all of my three's classes, collapsed, right in front of our table. The ambulance was called and I thought it took about an hour to get there ( we were only at the school, not out of town), though Andrew thinks it was only twenty minutes or so. If it had been more serious, that would have been far too long. I had to move away at one point because it got a bit nasty and Bethany is sensitive in that area too, so we went outside.

After the ambulance finally came and took her to hospital, we thought the evening might just stop, but the band got up again and we all danced another complicated, and therefore hilarious, dance. Andrew ended up being Toby's partner on the girls' side, so he got to dance with all the boys in our set. Shep was my partner and Andrew, Nelly and I kept messing with his head by swapping so he never knew who he was going to get at the end of the line. Bethany was in another set with her dance teacher and we finished up with a huge circle for the Hokey Pokey. Such fun!


  1. Oh Amy! I hope that lady is OK.

    The rest of the evening sounds like what I call fun!

  2. Oh dear. I hope the lady is OK. Bush dances are always fun once you get there :-)