Saturday, October 20, 2012


I forgot, until after I blogged last night, that Joss had a birthday party at 9 this morning and we hadn't bought a present yet! So no sleep in, but it has been a delightful day. Like yesterday, it was bright and sunny, pleasant in the shade. A great day for a celebration of all the different people who live in Wagga, at the multicultural festival, called Fusion 12.

Food stalls with Sudanese, Polish, Indian, Sri Lankan, Burmese, Thai, Singaporean, Lebanese and Australian food. The Aussie food was a sausage sizzle run by the Men's Shed!

You could get henna tattoos and there were rides and jumping castles.

My favourite bit was the music and dance. At other times in the day they had artists representing Scotland, India, Myanmar and the Philippines but we got to see some extraordinary African dancing.

I'm so pleased that country Australia is now multicultural and that my kids get to grow up in a diverse environment.

I'm expecting a very cool change this evening. After being very hot in bed last night, I have removed all doonas and put blankets on the beds. I apologise if it brings Winter back for a bit.

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  1. Lovely to have you back blogging. Love Dad