Sunday, October 7, 2012

Going away

Mum and Dad are leaving this morning. I would feel very sad except that they are taking me with them. Road trip! It's a shame they won't want to listen to my eighties' music, but then it makes sense that we are not of the same generation, doesn't it?

We packed a lot into their last day. Coffee at The Blessed Bean. Such good coffee it is, too. Bethany assures me that she loooves coffee, but as perking up is the last thing she needs, amongst other reasons, she had a hot chocolate.

We went to Monica and Mike's wedding in the afternoon. Three little girls stood around afterwards, holding Monica's dress up. Given that it would have been hard for them to work out their priorities, it was lucky the dress bride was busy being photographed long enough for them to squeeze in a few brownies, biscuits and fruit before going on dress duty.

Joss went to a birthday party and when I picked her and Hannah up, the car smelled like hairspray. They told me it was deodorant but I don't know why they would be putting that in their hair, even if it was a party.

On Friday afternoon we dropped Toby out to Downside church, an old, irregularly used church in between Wagga and Coolamon, for a Kids' Club camp. All weekend. Can you imagine signing up as a leader, to spend the last weekend of the holidays with primary school aged kids and no electricity or proper toilets? Such dedication! It was raining yesterday too. After dropping Joss home, Andrew and I drove out to Downside Hall where the Kids' Club kids were joining in with the regular bushdance. I danced a few dances with Toby, who got right into it (only one little boy from the group didn't dance), kissed him goodbye and came home to get ready for my trip to muck in at the house of many little people.

Getting up this morning at 7-when-it-feels-like-6 should be good practice for keeping toddler and baby hours for the next week. Andrew won't exactly be relaxing either with a million things going on night and day for him and the kids this week. A quiet life would be dull, wouldn't it?

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  1. I would have liked to listen to your 80s music - anything would be preferable to the endless sport and car racing we were subjected to ;)