Friday, October 5, 2012

Almost over

Mum and Dad's week in Wagga is almost over. Tomorrow is their last day here. I wasn't at work today because it has been our council's picnic day. I think there is a real picnic involved, but I have never been to it. I love the idea of a paid day off, though!

I found this photo on my phone and it illustrates, amongst other things, the fact that during Mum and Dad's stay, Spring disappeared and Summer arrived. Joss was wearing her dressing gown and I was wearing a velvet jacket earlier this week and we had the heater on at night. Yesterday and today I have been properly hot!

Tim sent this picture to me and Mum. It isn't true of my book club. I won't speak on behalf of Mum's.

Last night we left Joss at home babysitting and went to the Thirsty Crow, a local microbrewery. Mum and Andrew had a pink lady cider and Dad had one of their beers. I had pizza. This was a Sunday roast pizza, with peas and gravy!

This was a very delicious mushroom and bacon pizza.

We have been exercising our stomach muscles by watching Miranda in the evenings. We watched the first series on DVD and the second episode of the second series was on TV tonight. Such fun! How I love Miranda.... After the pizza last night, we went to get some gelato, parking in front of a new clothes shop. Mum knew about it and was telling me what it was like. She got as far as "It's what I call a" when we all fell about laughing. If you don't get it, watch Miranda. It's what I call amusing.

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  1. It's been great fun. Sorry that we go home tomorrow.