Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Class Captain

Every child in the class had to write a speech, saying why they ought to be class captain. Toby and I wrote his together, ready for Friday. They ran out of time on Friday so he didn't do it. He didn't do it on Monday either, so after being worked up about it for days, he finally delivered his speech yesterday afternoon and everyone voted. Then, it was the end of school and the votes hadn't been counted!

I sent Toby to school this morning nervous about the outcome and as I walked towards him at the bus stop, I thought the fact that he was not running was a bad sign, but then I saw his grin. His class mates voted him to be class captain! Here is his speech:

How would you describe the perfect class captain? They would be kind, generous, a good sport. They must strive for accuracy, be a good friend to every one, they must trust in God and put him first in life. They should be blonde, have blue eyes, and be about this tall. Maybe they should be called Toby.

My name is Toby Heap and I believe I should be your class captain but first, let me tell you a bit about myself. I live with my mum and dad and 2 sisters, Jossie and Bethany. My hobbies are soccer, reading, cycling, eating, eating and some more eating. My strongest subject in school is maths.

I would like to be class captain because it is a good opportunity to develop leadership skills. It will be good experience and training for later in life because God would want us all to be leaders. It would be a good chance to encourage the year to be the best year 5 ever!

Firstly, I believe I should be class captain because I try my hardest at every thing I do. I love to try new things and I always give it my all. This is how I found most of my talents. As class captain, I will be giving every thing a go and I will try my hardest in them.

Secondly, I believe I should be class captain because I am friendly and get on with lots of people. I don't play favourites and I have a wide circle of friends (not just boys). I believe in treating people fairly and the way that I would like to be treated. God made and loves us all and wants us to love each other.

Thirdly, and most importantly, I am a Christian and trust in Jesus. I go to church twice on Sunday with my family and I go to Kids club on Friday. Recently, I was invited to talk to my church (St Aidan’s Presbyterian church) about kids club. I have decided to read a chapter of the bible every night to learn more about Jesus.

Fourthly and finally, I believe I should be class captain because I have represented the school in competitions and piano. I have been involved in spelling and maths tests, and have competed in lots of eisteddfods. In this year’s eisteddfod, I came first in two solo sections and third in a duet.

In conclusion, I would like this opportunity to serve year five as class captain and I believe I would be a good representative of our class.

VOTE FOR PEDRO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I mean Toby. 10 points if you know which movie that’s from.


  1. Excellent speech Toby! I would certainly have voted for you had I been in your class! Congratulations.... you deserved to be chosen.

  2. Well done Tobes!!!!!!

    Napoleon Dynamite
    10 Points, Gryffindor!

  3. Well done Tobes.
    shouldn't be surprised that Phil beat me to the points...

  4. Congratulations Toby, I'm glad your classmates saw the wisdom to vote for you. You have a lot of promises to keep up to, I know you will keep them and be a great class captain. Love Bop.

  5. Toby that there is one fantabolous speech i loved every bit of it the humor the religious side of you and more.
    and if you dont mind i have got some ideas for my class captain speech from you so a BIG thankyou.
    p.s you have my vote