Saturday, July 28, 2012


Toby has been keen on getting a road bike for a while (no, he didn't watch any of le Tour - it didn't start until 10pm) and Andrew found a great second hand one, just a tiny bit too big. They took it to the velodrome and Toby tore around at top speed - he reached 43k/h!

Now he asks constantly to go again so this afternoon Andrew and Toby rode over to the velodrome and I put Bethany's bike and Milo into the car and drove over with Bethany. Toby goes so fast around the track I could only get this silly photo.

The track is fully fenced and we were the only ones there so we let Milo loose and he ran like mad.

Bethany not only rode around several time but actually ran around it, without stopping, at least twice. I'm not really certain because after going around twice on Toby's bike, I retired to the relative warmth of the car and read.

Milo had the time of his life.

I thought the three of them were going to have a race but something was distracting Milo.

It was a huge pile of leaves and this is him being spooked when they fluttered in the wind!

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