Wednesday, July 18, 2012


I don't, for a moment, regret our tree change and am constantly thankful for life in the (almost) country, but we do miss being able to see family regularly. As it happens, staying in Sydney would have done us little good in that regard as most of our family, on both sides, has also moved away! We are in the best position of anyone to see Phil, Kristin and the cousins as Wagga is half way between Sydney and Melbourne.

The cousins had such a wonderful time playing together. The twins are at a brilliant age for playing and Charlotte and Bethany were usually in a world of their own imagining, making a great deal of noise!

We went to a fabulous little park to let the kids burn off some energy while the rain held off.

I do love to see children reading!

Georgiana also loves to dress up. I remember my own dress-up box very fondly. It was full of Mum's old clothes and high heels.

Isn't it funny how I ended up with millions of photos of the twins and only incidental shots of Phil and Kristin - sorry about that. We had a lovely time, it was great to hang out. By the next time we see them, our family will have another set of twins! We love being aunty/uncle/cousins, and having two sets of twins is so exciting.


  1. At least there's one photo of an incidental me without coffee in my hands!
    I'm sure you two also like being sister/brother too ;)

  2. Thanks Amy, so good to get all those photos. We miss everyone, but are still having a wonderful time.