Wednesday, July 25, 2012


Bethany is giving up piano lessons and taking up art! She had her first lesson today. Over the term they will be covering all sorts of topics. They began with sculpture. Given that she goes straight after school in her uniform,  I rather wish those aprons were more like smocks. There were around twelve school girls of different ages, none that Bethany knew. She fit right in and had a wonderful time. The sculpture she made is a tower (they all made towers) and she put it in a fairy garden she made with another girl.

You make fairy gardens with ceramic mushrooms, huge flowers and lots of bricks.

The classes are held very close to our house in an old colonial style house that has been converted into a studio and arty, magical space.

Joss is trying to convert her room into a Hunger Games/One Direction magical space.

Bethany insisted I take a photo of her cereal and yoghurt. There's a rhino in there, apparently.

She ate it.


  1. So glad to hear Bethy is having art classes, just hope her creativity is fostered to the fullest. Bop