Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Topsy Turvy week

I've had a very odd working week. It's not that the kids are on holidays and we've got visitors, that's been great. It's that I stayed home until 3 on Monday, started work today by going up to the uni to chat to the new library students at their residential school and finished at 9pm, having let HSC students study in the library after hours and tomorrow, to make up for Monday, I am working 9 - 3. I'm going to miss my day off, even if the hours worked are the same! Still, the kids are well looked after with Nan and Grandad and days off are not at all the same when the kids are at home.

Now that I am finally home, Andrew has taken his parents up to see our new block - the moonlight tour. I need to get ready for bed so that I can watch as much tour as I can before needing to sleep. I have to record it tonight because Mum and Dad drove the route the cyclists are riding on this stage! I hope I can do that one day......

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  1. I hope you can too! It was a great experience.