Friday, July 20, 2012

Car conversations

I have heard some amusing things in the car lately. At the beginning of our trip to Melbourne we were talking about games to play during the trip and Bethany said that she knew a game that she played with Mrs Mills at the pub! So casual, as if she is always at the pub with her friends. For the record, she was spending the afternoon with her friend Hannah and Mrs Mills was dropping her home but had to attend a football club event for her son, at the pub. I offered to come and get Bethany but Mrs Mills said that she needed her company so they must have played games at the pub. I wonder if she had a shandy.

I picked up Liam to come and spend the day with Toby earlier this week and he is rather like Bethany in that his mouth is not often closed. He was chatting away about what we had done in Melbourne and I made a comment about the twins. He said something about people who are alike so I told him that the twins weren't identical. "Ah, infernal twins" he said!

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