Monday, July 16, 2012

Friday in Melbourne

Long car trips are much better now that the children are older, but are still something of a trial.

No-one has enough space and as the hours go by they become weary of such close quarters.

We made good time to Melbourne on Thursday, hitting the outskirts around four. We then spent the next two hours in traffic when the sat nav said it should take twenty two minutes! Confirmation that while we love a city visit, we are country people now.

Phil and Kristin were both at work on Friday, and the twins taken care of, so we took Charlotte with us on a train ride (exciting for Bethany and Toby) and a wander in the city. We knew the Shephards were also in Melbourne but thought it would be too tricky to organise to do anything together as we both had siblings/cousins to hang out with. We hopped off the train at Flinders Street and ran into them straight away! We joined forces and wreaked havoc, stopping first for some Melbourne coffee - so good and so much cheaper than coffee in Wagga!

On our way to the aquarium Charlotte and Bethany reenacted a Cher film clip. Thankfully not in costume.

The boys were told that if anyone caused anyone else to fall in the river, they must give them their own dry clothes. They moved away from the water.

The queue for the aquarium was almost out the door so we decided to walk to the Queen Victoria Markets instead.

There were plenty of photo opportunities on the way. Here the girls posed under a Showgirls sign.

The revolving door was irresistible.

Bethany thought that if she stood still, with her back to the door, it would push her along. Instead, it grabbed her shoe and got stuck! It was really very bad of us to find it so funny when she was terribly upset.

We distracted her with statue shenanigans.

As soon as we arrived at the markets, we ran into more Wagga folk! We split from the Shephards and wandered the markets, trying on silly hats.

The only two we purchased were the polar bear beanie/mitten numbers. Our polar twins are, in fact, very close in age even if Charlotte is much taller than Bethany!

Such a fun day! We spent Saturday with the rest of the family, photos to appear tomorrow. Le Tour is starting now....

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