Sunday, July 15, 2012

Happy Birthday to the new teenager

We're home from our long weekend in Melbourne. I have many tales and photos to share but we arrived home in time to unpack the essentials, put children to bed and make a cup of French Earl Grey to have in front of le Tour, so I will just post about the birthday girl tonight.

Here she is at lunch today, about to blow out the candles on the chocolate caramel brownies Alice made for her. (We had such a lovely time at lunch, more on that to come).

As we were on the road at dinner time tonight, she had her birthday dinner last night at Phil and Kristin's. Her choice was butter chicken and cheesecake for dessert. Toby can usually be relied upon to make this face when cake is involved.

On Friday night Kristin took Joss shopping (I went too) with birthday money from Phil and Kristin, Tim and Shona and Mama and Bop. She had the very best time and now has $2 left.

A real bargain hunter, she came home with lots of clothes, a wallet and some lollies.

She didn't buy these shoes but indulged us by trying them on.

Same with the wee hat.

Now that she is a teenager, we thought it time to give her a phone. Many lovely friends and relatives sent her texts and rang her today, making her feel very special. She also joined Facebook, as she is of legal age, and has loved making friends. She has received a deluge of advice on how to be sensible with phone and Facebook and we are very thankful that she is a sensible sort of girl. Happy Birthday Joss!

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  1. Happy birthday Joss! Should have bought those silver shoes....(what a terrible influence I am!)