Sunday, July 8, 2012

Happy Birthday Bethany

Eight years ago I was feeling pretty pleased with myself. After 25 hours of labour I managed to give birth to a 10 pound seven baby girl! She isn't very chubby any more but her personality is larger than life. She was sooooo looking forward to turning 8 but when she woke up this morning, the first thing she said was "I'm nearly 10!"

We spent the morning at church, of course, and then Andrew had a jazz gig this afternoon and Bethany and I made her cake. There are four eggs in the cake and as it is Bethany's birthday I had to release control and let her crack them. There are a few little crunchy bits in the cake as a result.

We had a lovely walk to the park.

Bethany chose Nigella's victoria sponge with jam and cream and everyone loved it. I had more pearl cous cous with roasted veggies for dessert!

It was very special to have Nan and Grandad here to celebrate.

We all braved the cold to do some sparkling.

I'm not overly thrilled to be back at work tomorrow, not having had quite the sleep ins I might have liked, but Andrew has the next few days off to enjoy the kids' holidays so I only need to pack my own lunch in the morning. We'll say good-bye to Nan and Grandad tomorrow too and have the week to prepare for the next birthday - Joss is officially becoming a teenager!

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