Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The Ks

Six months ago our good friends, The Kristovskis family, moved from Wagga to Melbourne. They had been just two minutes walk from our house in Estella and we provided emergency ingredients to each other. I remember when Bethany was a baby, I would leave her asleep in the house and run half way to meet Alice with whatever either of us needed to finish our cooking. As the kids got older we just sent them on our errands!

We had lunch with them on our way out of Melbourne. It was so good to see where they are living now and how much the kids have grown in six months. Sophie is so grown up.

Peter has become a clone of his older brother.

Andrew, our lovely godson.

We had a gorgeous lunch, including birthday brownies for Joss, and the kids did a little Just Dancing. OK, I did some too, I can't help myself.

We walked to the house they are building as well. They are much further ahead than us, it was so exciting. They have a full frame and roof. We were even able to climb upstairs.

We didn't want to leave, I had lots more things I wanted to ask about their new life, but we had to drive home. Andrej took a family photo of us - I wonder how many more we'll get where I am taller than Joss.

Andrej's Mum, Vita, took this lovely photo of all of us.

Five, soon to be six, more reasons to visit Melbourne more often.

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  1. Soon to be six? How exciting! Life for th is good in Melbourne!