Thursday, July 26, 2012

The best bad news

When Maame texted last night to ask if I was able to go out for coffee or lunch with her today I thought I had better prepare for the thing I was praying to happen, but was dreading. As it happens, I had my haircut first thing, dropped off a stack of cards to stock in the new Muddi shop and then went to Wodonga - yes, all the way to Victoria and back! - to see the man who is designing our kitchen. I asked Maame to come for dinner instead.

The news came, she is leaving next Thursday. She will fly to Dallas to have the baby there with Patrick's sister (Patrick is her husband). Patrick's siblings live in the US and Maame's siblings live in the UK but Patrick and Maame will live in Ghana.

We looked up her suburb in Accra on Google Earth and researched flights for a family of five. Hmmm, we could get there and back for around $13,000. One way would take 37 hours!

Maame is coming over on Saturday night to stamp, and then we'll see her on Sunday so no need to worry about the permanency of her departure just yet. If you are wondering what Bethany is wearing, it's her nightie, school tights and Toby's school tie. As you do.


  1. I love Bethany's style and I do think Ghana is calling!

  2. Bethany's antics always make me smile when I'm reading your blog! What a combo! I was wondering about the tie!