Saturday, September 3, 2011

Belated birthdays

It's lucky that Milo isn't a lady..... this is him, fast asleep.

I had stamp club on Thursday night, so much fun, and did mean to take lots of photos but forgot! This was taken right at the end, we certainly make a mess. My three finished cards are at the front.

Jossie's birthday party is today! Yes, her birthday was in July and it is now September. That's what you get for having a birthday in the holidays and having busy lives. It spreads out the fun. I have never been one to get crafty over birthdays, cakes have been the biggest effort, but this year I employed my new paper skills (and some of Liz' hardware) to personalise lollie bags. Luckily Bethany has been ill so I stayed home from work yesterday, it took an age to die cut all those letters!

Jossie had lots of fun filling them.

Twelve girls are going to spend the afternoon trying to shoot each other with lasers. I did mean to make the same bags for Bethany's party next week but as she has invited the whole class, I think I'll have to do something that doesn't take quite so long!

In case you were worried, we took Bethany to the doctor this morning and it's just a virus. It hasn't affected her tongue, either.

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  1. Even if he WAS a lady, he wouldn't be with that pose! The party looks like fun... and a lot easier on the body than paint ball!