Friday, September 30, 2011

Family fun

Our visitor-filled holidays are almost half over! Sare, Ty and kids came to stay for a few days and they have been days filled with merriment. They arrived late Tuesday afternoon and looked after our kids on Wednesday while Andrew and I were at work. I finished at 3, as usual, but after sorting dinner out, went back to work from 6.30 til 9pm. We had our very first HSC Lock-In where we opening the library exclusively for HSC students. We weren't sure how it would go, or if more than 2 students would come so were thrilled when 18 students and 1 teacher came and they all loved it, asking for us to hold several more before the HSC!

Working such a long day was even more worth it when I remembered that I won't be going back to work again until Tuesday, thanks to a flex day today and the long weekend. That meant that I could enjoy Thursday with our visitors. Sare helped Joss with the crystal making kit she bought at Questacon.

We made the obligatory trip to the Junee Licorice Factory. Jossie, who wore that memorable outfit to the pool last week, objected to Bethany's choice of attire. Pick your battles, I say. If she wants to go out in the holidays with orange feather hair and blue eyeshadow, I'm happy for her to do it!

Sadly, I didn't get many good photos of everyone. We played lots of games and enjoyed lots of good food.

They left this morning and I have been making mini muffins all afternoon for our church's street fair tomorrow. I wonder if I'll get a long sleep in at some stage.


  1. Glad you're having a nice time with visitors....Hi to Sar & Ty! It's very wet here and our renovation site is a quagmire.

  2. Thanks for another lovely Wagga visit! It's always fun xox
    ps. Hi Mim!!!

  3. Ha - that anonymous was Sare xox