Sunday, September 25, 2011


Friday was the last day of school for term three and Jossie's last day in her Wagga Wagga Christian College winter uniform! She and Toby went to Kids' Club on Friday evening and we realised that it was her last Kids' Club as next term she'll go to SAYGE, which is the youth group. Kids' Club and SAYGE both allow kids from the year below (year 2 for Kids' Club and year 6 for SAYGE) to come along for fourth term. She's growing up! The last Kids' Club for each term is held at the pool and she and Toby both looked 'interesting' when we hopped into the car. Toby's board shorts are longer than his sports shorts and Jossie put this little outfit together herself. Funnily enough, I remember being big on long, striped socks, though I was in year nine at the time. Very advanced is Jossie!

I have been rather busy in the last week with our church's Big Day Out. Each year the whole church heads somewhere, usually a little way out of town, for a day of fellowship and teaching. For the first time I was asked to organise the catering...... for 120 people! I was freaked out to say the least and I can't say that there were no tears involved in the lead up, but with lots of help it all came together in the end, thanks be to God! We had it at Downside which is not a town but an old hall on the way to Coolamon where they have bushdancing. We went there recently for Narelle's birthday.

The weather was perfect and while I didn't get to experience the day in the same way as everyone else, I know they all had lots of fun.

After lunch there was cricket......


and Bethany's favourite, face painting.

All my head space had been taken up with my job for Saturday so I had nothing planned for dinner afterwards. We went into town and tried a Chinese restaurant we hadn't been to before. We haven't had great experiences at the others we have tried over the years but were pleasantly surprised and the kids really enjoyed it. I tried to talk them into fried ice-cream which was a favourite of mine as a child but they didn't like the sound of it (?!). We were right next door to Gelatissimo so had gelato instead - the pistachio was very nice but I missed the batter.

I took this photo this morning. It's the garden next door to church and I just loved the white blossoms against the sky. The kids now have two weeks off school and I am very pleased that I won't be making school lunches tomorrow. Shame I have to go to work though.

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  1. Can't wait to see you all next week! and hear what you provided for 120 people at the church lunch... I bet you're glad that's over!