Friday, September 9, 2011

Disco night

After almost a week of high temperatures while battling a mysterious virus, Bethany has been back at school since Tuesday. She has come home weary in the afternoons, not terribly hungry and keen for a lie down. I thought this might mean we'd get away with missing the disco. No such luck. Bethany felt perfectly fine and had spent all day discussing hair with her friends as this was no ordinary disco. It was a crazy hair disco. We did consider red hair spray to go with the crimping and teasing but I, most selfishly, knew that I would not be keen for hair washing and blow drying after arriving home past Bethany's bedtime and with many jobs still between me and mine.

In the end she was pretty pleased with the 'do'. We picked up a friend who just had her enrolment interview at school as she is starting kindy next year. I remembered that Bethany went to the disco the year before she started school. I think the fact that Bethany, as a third child, was used to school, rowdy big children and noisy crowds meant that she was a little better prepared.

That girl in the middle seems perplexed.

Bethany quickly kicked off her shoes and joined in the madness.

Nelly had the best crazy hair by far! She won a prize.

The plaits were all different colours and held up by helium balloons. Her face was fabulous too, putting my efforts with the crimper and comb in the shade. She does have an arty sister in year nine.

In the end, a good time was had by all. Now, of course, it's 10pm and I have just put Bethany's cake in the oven. I'm having flashbacks of the last time I made this huge chocolate cake the night before a party at Airborne Gymnastics....... Milo jumped up and ate the top off the cooling cake and I had to start again!  

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  1. One thing about Bethy - she always has FUN! I baked a cake once that the cat ate a bit off the top of, I must admit I just cut it off and iced over it!