Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Day in Junee

Andrew, Joss and Tobes got home from Sydney on Monday evening, having had a fabulous time. Jossie also had tales of her excursion to Canberra, including some funny stories told to her at a behind the scenes tour of the National Library. This photo is typical of excursion photography. You can even see trees if you look hard enough.

We unpacked the weekend's suitcases and packed one of them again straight away as Toby left for Dubbo the very next morning! He slept at Western Plains Zoo last night. As he and Liam lined up to climb on the bus yesterday morning, David told Toby not to be eaten by a lion..... an elephant will look much better in the photos. I wonder if they got any sleep at all.

I had one day in which to get Jossie's clothes washed as she is going to a maths camp in Sydney today. As I went to pack for her last night I realised that, not being a camping family (really Amy?), our one sleeping bag and torch were in Dubbo! Alice saved the day and Jossie is all packed and excited to go. Not excited about the maths, just the camp.

We had a branch meeting yesterday. There are thirteen branch libraries in the Riverina Regional Library. Wagga is by far the biggest, bigger than all the others put together in fact, and the different councils take turns hosting the meetings. Junee is very handy to Wagga, only 25 minutes away and there are some lovely old buildings in the town. The council building is art deco and very pink, inside and out. We went across the road for morning tea, to a lovely old house called Belmore Manor. Why did the colonials feel the need to call their houses manors? We have one in Wagga too.

A view of the pink council building from the front garden.

They even had an ex-parrot.

Tonight, we're down to one child! I would comment on how quiet it's going to be, but.........


  1. Sounds like good times are being had by all.
    So, did you get some liquorice while you were in Junee?

  2. Tim, I'd be lying if I said I didn't :) Shall we make another trip when you are visiting?