Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Shooting with Hello Kitty

Ah, twelve year old girls. So grown up in many ways but still so giggly and girly. I had thought that Jossie was a bit beyond character birthday cakes but I was wrong. Thankfully, this one wasn't hard to do. Hello Kitty!

I offered a card making party but, for some strange reason, they preferred to spend time shooting each other with lasers. There was a little posing going on beforehand.

It all went out the window once the war games began.

They had such a lot of fun, great idea for a party. Sadly, Toby didn't play as Joss wanted only girls. He was every bit as dejected as he looks here..... for the entire two hours.

Bethany had a high temperature so was happy to laze around playing phones and chatting.

Now I just need to gear up for Bethany's birthday party on this Saturday. With her whole class. All by myself. Easy.....


  1. That cake is fab! I know someone 'our age' who would love that!

  2. Just caught up on all your posts. I love being able to hear about what's happening in your life! I'm heading to Canberra for the long weekend so I'll make sure Silo is on our to do list. I hope the party goes well on the weekend!
    love Sarah

  3. Whew - big ask, the whole class by yourself! At home? Jossie's party looks like great fun... and I loved the cake!