Sunday, September 18, 2011

Travel all over the countryside

I remember going to Canberra in Year 6. We looked in the gate at The Lodge lollies and didn't sleep in our motel. That's pretty much the extent of my memories of that trip. Jossie and Toby have both been on big excursions in the last couple of weeks and took my old camera in order to capture their memories.

It's interesting to see what they think worthwhile photographing. Joss took plenty of photos of Parliament House.

This is one of many fuzzy photos of the Senate. I think, on the whole, Joss enjoyed getting away from school with her friends most of all.

Toby, on the other hand, talked non-stop for ages when he came home from Dubbo. He told me every story he had been told about escape attempts at Dubbo gaol.

He tried to remember every single animal he saw.

This is Jossie's favourite animal. Ever since she went to Dubbo Zoo two years ago and bought a soft toy rhino called Greg (her choice) she has been rhino mad. She wants to be a rhino when she grows up.

Bethany bought a giraffe at Taronga Zoo earlier in the year so she also has a favourite animal. We discussed, before Toby left, which animal he would buy. I suggested a lion because that is my favourite (Aslan), or a meerkat because they are so funny.

He came home with Steve.

Though he didn't take any self portraits on the bus (a shot very popular with Joss) he did take a few of friends photographing him.

And this one of his teacher in the stocks. I'll bet she wishes she had some of these in the classroom.

It's nice having everyone back home again and now there is only one week til the holidays! We're having lots of visitors, can't wait!

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