Saturday, September 10, 2011

Mad Week

It has all been happening this week! On Monday and Tuesday Bethany was still having very high temperatures so one of us had to stay home with her. I had spent Thursday and Friday housebound so Andrew took the job. I had to take two lots of thirty people for a walking tour of Wagga's historic buildings on Monday and Tuesday afternoons so was very thankful that Andrew was able to take those days off.

On Tuesday morning, however, one lot of carer's leave was not enough as Toby had to perform three times at the eisteddfod! I stayed home with Bethany while Andrew watched Toby perform beautifully. He brought home two trophies and a highly commended! He played again in the evening with children much older and some were even doing seventh grade piano (Toby just did his first grade exam) and he came fourth. So proud.

On Thursday I went to the Rules Club which is like an RSL or leagues club. I spoke about the library to the lovely ladies of the View Club. I don't usually do work things on my day off but they only meet on Thursdays. They were really lovely and I enjoyed a huge plate of what I call country chinese food, followed by peaches and custard. The ladies heard about everything that goes on at the library and many said they will be seeing me there more often.

Stampin' Up has a brilliant deal at the moment on starter kits for becoming a demonstrator. I couldn't say no. I am not exactly loaded with spare time so am just becoming a hobby demo which means that I have joined to save money on stamping supplies for myself and friends can buy from me too. I'll hold the odd class or workshop, the girls at work want me to make Christmas tags with them, but mainly I'll just go on as usual, making cards for myself and to sell at markets. I do love it.

Yesterday afternoon, before the disco, Bethany and I said goodbye to Andrew and Toby as they drove off for Sydney. They stopped somewhere along the way, meeting a bus that Jossie was on, coming home from her Canberra excursion. An elated but exhausted Jossie hopped off the bus that was heading south and hopped into the car and headed north again! We had a bit of a diary failure that saw Bethany's party scheduled on the same day as her grandmother's 70th.....oops! So Bethany and I stayed home while everyone else went to Sydney.

I hopped in to bed after midnight, preparing for a big party is time consuming to say the least. I probably didn't need to stamp 25 lolly bags with five different stamps each.

Bethany was very excited this morning. Still sporting the crimped hair.

Airborne Gymnastics is a great place for a big party with lots of active children. This was taken right at the beginning and I'm not sure she had that control again.

As promised, Bethany ate the icing and strawberries from her cake. The biggest hit on the food table was the plate of rum balls minus the rum, Bethany's request. I was pleased that the sandwiches all went and the carrot, celery and dip was at least tasted.

I confess that I was rather glad when it was over, though not nearly as glad as the girl running the games! A whole class of year one students, plus a couple of extras, can be very rowdy. Now we are at home and Bethany is enjoying her presents, thoroughly pleased with her day. Job done then.


  1. What a crazy, busy week! I hope you at least get some form of sleep in tomorrow morning.

  2. You're amazing! The party bags looked fabulous with the five stamps and Bethany looks so very pleased with everything. Well done Supermum. Now time for feet up and a good rest.
    x Sarah
    ps the stamps look gorgeous. I love the fox!