Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Moment behind the photo

At the library we have been working with Sonya Gee from the ABC, learning to record video and audio material. For the last three sessions we have worked on making something for The Moment Behind the Photo project. It has been such fun and we are very keen to do more so we don't forget how to use Final Cut Express and so we produce some fabulous videos for the library.

We edited each other's stories so mine was uploaded to Vimeo by Margot. Cute baby, but not nearly so cute as the little ones on Tim's blog!


  1. 1972!!! Don't the colours looks washed out by today's standards! But, yes, I agree - cute baby!

  2. My computer is SO OLD, I can't hear the story... hopefully, I'll be able to hear it on your laptop in October?

  3. Mum, you'll be able to see it a few days earlier at our place ;)
    Amy, why not use iMovie?
    Check this website out: http://dearphotograph.com/
    Not sure where I originally saw the link, I think it was from Kristin.

  4. The ABC Open Project uses Vimeo and I did this as part of that project :)