Thursday, August 25, 2011

Alex the lion

I am madly cooking, packing, preparing my Kids' Church lesson and doing the washing so that I can go away to Canberra tomorrow afternoon! I am going to Canberra Women's Convention with five women from church and am looking forward to it very much. We're staying in my favourite suburb, Kingston, which means a trip to Silo!

Bethany was super excited last Friday to have been bestowed with the honour of bringing Alex home for a stay at our house. Alex is the class lion, who stays with all the class members over the year. Adventures are encouraged, photos are taken and a page is coloured in to record the excitement.

Bethany has clearly been looking forward to this all year. She is very attached to Alex, he went everywhere with her.

Milo wasn't keen on being ridden. He did have a little chomp of Alex's leg - no damage done.

Toby had the idea of teaching Alex to plank (I thought we had passed through that phase).

Bethany returned Alex today, most reluctantly, saying that her giraffe was going to miss him very much.

I said no three times but eventually caved in and agreed to mark for a new lecturer who had no-one else to ask. The assignments arrived this evening, just in time for me to go away, so I'll be a very busy woman next week. Sigh..... thinking of all the stamps I can buy with the money does help, though!


  1. oooh Canberra. Do enjoy (especially Silo). Am surprised there aren't any pics of the lion in a pod chair at the library!

  2. Have a great time in Canberra! love the pics of Bethany with Alex....