Monday, August 29, 2011

Front page

Toby made the front page of the paper again today. Last year he was photographed during the eisteddfod and this year he was photographed beforehand to promote it. Monday is my looong day at work so Andrew brought the kids in so Toby could show me. I asked him if anyone had requested his autograph. He said that he hoped they would!

Our church will be putting on a street fair on the first of October and my friend Sheree will be face-painting. She brought her paints in to church yesterday to practise and transformed Bethany into a cat.

We were waiting in the car while Andrew picked up a BBQ chicken and she told me that she ought to be in a box in the boot. She doesn't do things half heartedly.

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  1. Commitment to the feline cause....

    Man, your kids are going to have boxes of newspapers stored for their 21sts!