Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Book Week in Spring

Liz, Megan and I hadn't been to a market with our cards for ages. We hadn't really found one that was completely worth our while. We're not talking about making lots of money here, not at all. Making cards with Stampin' Up is not a terribly cheap hobby but it is one that saves you from buying cards and does allow you to sell a few so you can buy more stamps! On Sunday we went to our first ever Muddi Boutique Markets. I was a touch nervous as it costs $90 to have a stall at Muddi - more than we had made at any of the little markets we had been to.

Liz was away and I was at church all morning so Megan was on her own in the morning (I had helped set up on Saturday). I didn't get any good photos because it was so busy.

 It was so much fun! We have found the markets for us! Now I just need to get online selling up and running. Some spare time would be handy....

The weather is really lovely at the moment. Still cold in the mornings and evenings but warm and sunny during the day. The blossoms are out.

They're pretty at night too. This is just outside the library as I rode home after work last night.

The warmer weather is great for Book Week parades as fairy costumes and footy kits are not winter clothing! Despite being a great lover of books, I am ambivalent about Book Week. Finding three costumes is a huge pain for the non-crafty, time poor parent and the focus isn't on books, it is just a costume parade. Computer Game and movie characters everywhere - I don't mind the comic book characters. Jossie and I have been re-reading Harry Potter and Bethany watched Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone so she wanted to go as Hermione. After all I just said about movie characters, I crimped her hair just like in the movie. Of course, Hermione really has bushy hair, not crimped. Bethany did love the crimping - thanks Mum for giving Joss that awesome hair kit for Christmas!

Toby was going to go as Leo from Emily Rodda's Rondo Trilogy. I was going to make a music box but he and Andrew didn't think that was a very masculine prop! So, I got a Football Academy book from the library and he wore soccer gear. Jossie went as Jodie from Jacqueline Wilson's My Sister Jodie. The orange feathers represent hair.

Phew, that's over. Next year Jossie will be in high school and I will only have two costumes to come up with!

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