Sunday, August 31, 2014

A day in the sun

I have spent a few hours in the garden this weekend, not only hanging my washing outside, but weeding and watering. I planted my bulbs much too late, but one has managed to flower anyway. Andrew planted another couple of trees out the front, too. All very satisfying, it is.

The street our church is in, as well as those of  the suburb we visited to drop Joss and Bethany at their friends' this weekend,  have streets lined with blossom trees, pink and white. I love it when the blossoms are out, but it is over so quickly. Our own pear trees' leaves are fast appearing. 

After our assignment filled week, we are looking forward to the eisteddfod, for the next couple of weeks. Then, it will almost be the holidays! Whirlwind.......


  1. Your gardens are ahead of us here - our pear trees are in beautiful blossom, but no sign of leaf yet. I have 100's of freesias out. Like you, spent the weekend weeding, feeding and about to mulch for summer heat.... gardens are so satisfying!

  2. Great time of the year, just sorry we don't get a long spring with the attendant colour here.