Monday, August 18, 2014

Top 10

Amy mentioned it in passing almost, but I thought I'd record a bit more about Toby's efforts on the weekend as he really deserves it. The NSW Junior Road Championships have been in his sights for many months now and it is what the club has been focussing on, with Mon & Wed training, plus weekend races, other weekend rides and hill training.

Tobes entered into the 3 sections: Road race, Time Trial and Criterium. Unfortunately the Crit was cancelled due to the heavy rain, but the Road race and TT conditions were great. Toby finished 7th in the road race, only 3 seconds behind the winner (and new state champion). I put my Garmin on his bike and he was doing 43km/hr as he crossed the finishing line - not bad for a 12yr old.

The TT happened a few hours later and he came in 9th - beating all other Wagga entrants in his age category. The TT is a pretty lonely affair, but he put everything into it and is now in the top 10 in NSW for both categories.

Joss came to cheer the club on and help out.  She didn't compete, but is looking forward to track season starting again in a few weeks. She has been riding really well at training and blasted a PB at last weekends race, taking 2mins off her best time. She'll be on the podium one day...

Sufficed to say - I'm pretty proud of them both...

A small  section of the field heading out on the road race

First corner in the time trial

Fanging it to the finish of the time trial

Joss and her kids :)


  1. How wonderful for Toby to have such great results for his hard work! Starting to save for the Tour de France in a few years time...

  2. Fantastic esult for Tobes, so good to get a comparison with other riders from other clubs through the state. Onwards and upwards!