Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Book Week

I didn't realise this was going to be my very last Book Week parade. I'll admit that my greatest emotion is relief, I have always found the costume business wearisome, but there is a lot of joy on the day.

Last year's was my proudest effort with the making of a Rapunzel wig, but I have gotten crafty in past years, too. Not for Toby, though! He wore his Superman costume at least twice.

I was hoping Bethany would wear her onesie, but she wasn't keen, so we pulled out the trusty velvet dress (useful for Rapunzel and Susan Pevensie for Joss) and a pretty bottle of perfume and she went as Lucy Pevensie with the restorative cordial Father Christmas gave her. Father Christmas also gave her a small dagger, but we don't have one....


  1. Lovely! For a not very creative person, I always found book week, easter hat parade etc. all too taxing - glad it's over for you!

  2. Great, love the elephant costume. Sad it's the last one!!!!